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Healing Chart 

Aegrine - self-quest, revitalizes the mind, increases the healing energy of other stones. [1]

African Mystic Spirit Quartz - cleansing, accelerates spiritual growth, focuses healing energy. [X]

Agate - discerns the truth, accepts circumstances, powerful emotional healer. [X]

Ajoite - activates and energizes the upper heart chakra, aligns with the universal spirit. [0]

Alexandrite - enhances the rebirth of inner and outer self, promotes awareness. [7]

Amazonite - aligns astral bodies, unity with life, enhances creative expression. [5]

Amber - calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, helps find humor and joy. [2]

Amethyst - encourages inner peace, fights addictive behavior, transforms energy. [6,7]

Ametrine - dispels negativity, aids decision making, meditation, relieves stress. [3,6,7]

Andalusite - stimulates past memories, re-alignment and centering of self. [4,5,6]

Angelite - protects, strengthens degenerate organs, excellent for creative people. [4]

Apache Tear - grants forgiveness, understanding in distress. [1]

Apatite - good for communication, highly psychic, controls weight gain. [X]       

Apophyllite - loving attunement to body and spirit, stimulates intuition. [7]

Aquamarine - banishes fears, calms nerves, imparts strength and control. [5]

ASCENSIONITE-The stone of Ascensionite, it opens doors we don’t know exist & helps us fulfill our life’s destiny

Aragonite - calms & centers, allows for insight, aids self discipline if directed. [1,2,3,4]

Aventurine - independence, strong legs and joints, helps in career change. [4]

Azurite-Malachite - initiates transformation, aids clarity and understanding in vision. [6]

Azurite - guidance to psychic self, cuts through illusion, enhances communication. [6]

Barite - loyalty, harmony, aids intuition, relationships, motivation to follow your dreams. [5]

Blizzard Stone - protects the body's magnetic field (from computers, etc.). [1]

Blue Lace Agate - expands consciousness, soothing, wise, aids public speaking. [5]

Bloodstone - prevents high blood pressure, cleanser of body, aids decision making. [1]

Brazilianite - trust in self, refreshes pre-birth memories, gently clears blockages. [0]

Bronzite - Healing stone that not only dispels negativity but returns it to sender; a great "karma stone" [1,2]

Calcite - aids memory, good for arts and sciences, balances mental and emotional. [X]

Candle Quartz - aids in accessing ancient knowledge and putting it to use. [0]

Carnelian - releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy, and rage, past life work. [2]

Celestite - clears speech, personal expression, highly spiritual. [5]

Chalcedony - expression of emotional needs, honesty, alleviates regret. [2]

Charoite - accelerates spiritual growth, enhances self-esteem, and ability to love. [6]

Chrysocolla - communication, female energy, creativity, relieves ulcers and arthritis. [4,5,6]

Chrysoprase - prevents depression, increases grace and equilibrium, balances energy. [4]

Citrine - cleans auras, detoxifies the body, aids tissue regeneration. [2]

Copper - soothes arthritis, releases restrictions, stimulates initiative and optimism. [0]

Coral - protection from evil, increases imagination, resolves conflicts. [X]

Danburite - stimulates intellect, enhances psychic ability and self-assuredness. [7]

Diopside - brings necessary tears, heals trauma, aids regression, scrying stone. [X]

Dioptase - attracts love, abundance, prosperity and health. [4]

/dolomite - reduces body aches, stress, sorrow; helps growth of muscles, hair, nails, etc. [4]

Dravite - a protective stone that brings the peace of the earth to the higher self. [1]

Emerald - secures love, attracts wealth, profitable dreaming. [4]

Ferro-Actinolite - past life recall, shields the heart, increases life force, brotherhood. [4]

Fluorite - aids comprehension, strengthens teeth and bones, stabilizing and calming. [X]

Fossil - aids past life exploration, protection from spells. [0]

Galena - harmony, healthy hair, medical students, promotes holistic studies. [1]

Garnet - increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow. [1,4]

Healer Gold - Magnetite/Pyrite mix, connects all chakras, assists in clear thinking/memory enhancement [X]

Hematite - grounding, promotes common sense and level headedness. [1]

Herkimer Diamond - stimulates psychic abilities, soothes tension, aids sleep. [0]

Hessonite - clears negativity, eliminates feelings of inferiority, promotes positive change. [3]

Heulandite - past life recall, weight loss, open mind, helps one deal with loss. [X]

Hiddenite - stimulates intellect, insight, universal love. [4]

Holly Blue Agate - spiritual and psychic actualization, as one teaches, one also learns. [7]

Howlite - combines reasoning, observation and patience, providing for discernment. [6,7]

Iolite - gives accurate visions, releases discord, strengthens liver, soul connector. [7]

INFINITE - deals with your past, present, and future at once, a very loving angelic stone. [4]

Jade - reduces eyestrain and negativity, promotes longevity, helps dream recall and interpretation. [4]

Jasper - powerful physical healer, protects against negativity. [X]

Jet - dispels migraines, illness, violence, deep depression, protects finances. [1]

Kundalini Quartz - primal energy, raises Kundalini, grounding. [1]

Kunzite - reduces insecurity, addictiveness, a loving stone, gives maturity.  [4]

Kyanite - promotes clarity and understanding in dreamwork, enhances creativity. [5,6,7]

Labradorite - brings recognition of destiny, increases telepathic ability. [6,7]

Lapis Lazuli - strengthens total awareness, ESP, skeleton, thyroid, creativity. [6]

Larimar - confidence builder, good for sales, reduces depression, builds serenity. [5]

Lepidolite - promotes self-love, alleviates stress, anger, tension. [4]

Malachite - lucky money stone, helpful for sleep, asthma, and labor. [4]

Moldavite - channeling interdimensional sources, catalyst for important life changes. [4]

Mookaite - protective, brings one into the “here and now”, helps accept change. [1,2,3]

Moonstone - lucky love stone, calming, introspective, assists with emotional release. [2]

Morganite - sisterhood, balances emotions, heals pain of separation, love energy. [4]

Obsidian - eliminates gullibility, offers detachment, very protective. [1]

Onyx - relieves stress and grief, strengthens self-control and morality. [1]

Opal - recalls past lives, aids inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesight. [7]

Peridot - opens new doors, removes stress, fear, guilt, activates personal growth. [4]

Petalite - enhances ability to feel energy, dissolves negative energy/black magic, the stone of Angels. [0]

Petrified Wood - connection to Earth and Nature, removes petty annoyances. [1]

Phenacite - inner knowing, spiritual travel, increases energy of other stones. [7]

Pietersite - dignified power and loving guidance, accesses akashic records. [6,7]

Pop Rocks - sense of joy, highly energetic, draws out pain. [2]

Prase - resolves sexuality issues, sense of oneness with universe, earth mother stone. [4]

Prehnite - balances chakras, enhances personal relationships. [3, 4]

Purpurite - helps break away from limited patterns, increases spirituality, and finances. [7]

Pyrite - increases memory, concentration, spiritual and psychic ability for students. [1]

Quartz - programmable stone, breaks bad habits, headaches, channeling stone, enhances life force. [0]

Rhodizite – “the master crystal”, unlocks blockages, activates chakras, truly positive stone. [0]

Rhodochrosite - strengthens mental power, finds new love. [4]

Rhodonite - energy in trauma, assuredness, helps one achieve the greatest potential. [4]

ROSALINE QUARTZ- rare Madagascar stone, unites Upper/Lower chakras, raises Gamblers' Intuition [X]

Rose Quartz - reduces weight, wrinkles, self-assuredness, love stone. [4]

Ruby - mental balance, improves circulation, protects sensitive natures. [4]

Rutilated Quartz - excellent for birthing process, enhances communication. [0]

Sapphire - goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, highly evolved spiritual stone. [6,7]

Selenite - flexibility, decision-making, clarity, strengthens spinal column. [7]

Seraphinite - cleanses aura & chakras, helps contact Angels, energy of cooperation. [4,7]

SHARYLITE - promotes forgiveness, assisting the user to maintain maturity and walk in it [4]

Smoky Quartz - relieves depression, tension, balances sexual energies. [1]

Sodalite - prophetic dreaming, endocrine system, eliminates confusion. [6]

Staurolite - tears of fairies, good luck, helps transition, makes oneself at ease. [1]

Strawberry Quartz - recalls past lives, eases tension in a relationship. [4]

Stichtite - encourages truthfulness, gentleness, an open mind, eases Kundalini through heart chakra. [4]

Sugilite - aids physical healing, reduces stress, strengthens heart, emotional balancer. [6,7]

/manganese - increases psychic and spiritual awareness while being grounded. [1,6,7]

Sunstone - dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality, spiritual growth, a stone of luck. [ 3]

Tanzanite - stone of magic, facilitates spiritual awareness, stimulates insight. [6]

Tektite - wisdom through life experience, prevents emotional scars. [1]

Tiger Eye - psychic protector, great for business, helps achieve clarity. [X]

Tiger Iron - enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels. [1-3]

Topaz - tissue regeneration, kidneys and bladder, enhances understanding. [X]

Tourmaline - relieves fatigue, anemia, increases success and love. [X]

Turquoise - friendship, mental relaxation, respiratory system. [5]

Turritella - eases domestic relations and group interaction. [1]

Unakite - enhances sense of personal power, converts the negative into the positive. [4]

Vesuvianite - creative/intuitive aid, helps fight depression, fear, negativity, avoid danger. [X]

Victorite - peacefulness, awareness of higher energies, emotional release, clarity of speech. [5]

Zincite - removes energy blockages, cathartic, brings together similar minds. [1,2,3]

Healing Chart (en Espanol)

Aegirina - auto-búsqueda, revitaliza la mente, aumenta la energía de otras piedras curativas. [1]

África Mística Espíritu Cuarzo - limpieza, acelera el crecimiento espiritual, se concentra la energía de sanación. [X]

Ágata - discierne la verdad, acepta las circunstancias, sanador emocional de gran alcance. [X]

Ajoite - activa y energiza el chakra del corazón superior, se alinea con el espíritu universal. [0]

Alejandrita - mejora el renacimiento de interior y exterior de uno mismo, promueve la conciencia. [7]

Amazonita - alinea cuerpos astrales, la unidad con la vida, aumenta la expresión creativa. [5]

Ámbar - para calmar la hiperactividad e hizo hincapié en los nervios, ayuda a encontrar el humor y la alegría. [2]

Amatista - alienta a la paz interior, peleas conducta adictiva, transforma la energía. [6,7]

Ametrina - disipa la negatividad, las ayudas de toma de decisiones, la meditación, alivia el estrés. [3,6,7]

Andalucita - estimula los recuerdos del pasado, volver a la alineación y el centro de sí mismo. [4,5,6]

Angelite - protege, fortalece los órganos degenerados, excelente para las personas creativas. [4]

Apache Lágrima - concede el perdón, la comprensión en peligro. [1]

Apatito - bueno para la comunicación, muy psíquicos, controles de ganancia de peso. [X]

Apophyllita - Alineamiento amor al cuerpo y el espíritu, estimula la intuición. [7]

Aquamarine - destierra los temores, calma los nervios, la fuerza imparte y el control. [5]

Aragonito - calma y centros, permite la visión, la disciplina ayuda a uno mismo si se indica. [1,2,3,4]

Aventurina - independencia, piernas fuertes y las articulaciones, ayuda a cambio de carrera. [4]

Azurita, malaquita - inicia la transformación, ayudas para la claridad y la comprensión de la visión. [6]

Azurita - orientación a los cortes psíquica propia, a través de la ilusión mejora la comunicación. [6]

Barita - la lealtad, la armonía, ayuda a la intuición, las relaciones, la motivación para seguir sus sueños. [5]

Blizzard Piedra - protege el campo magnético del cuerpo (de las computadoras, etc.) [1]

Blue Lace Agate - expande la conciencia, calmante, sabio, ayudas para hablar en público. [5]

Bloodstone - evita la presión arterial alta, limpiador del cuerpo, ayuda a la toma de decisiones. [1]

Brasilianita - la confianza en uno mismo, refresca memorias de pre-parto, cuidado despeja obstrucciones. [0]

Calcita - ayudas de memoria, bueno para las artes y las ciencias, los saldos mental y emocional. [X]

Vela de Cuarzo - ayudas en el acceso a los conocimientos antiguos y de utilizarlo. [0]

Cornalina - libera el dolor, la envidia, el miedo, la apatía, y la rabia, el trabajo de la vida pasada. [2]

Celestina - borra el habla, la expresión personal, muy espiritual. [5]

Calcedonia - expresión de las necesidades emocionales, la honestidad, alivia el pesar. [2]

Charoite - acelera el crecimiento espiritual, aumenta la autoestima y la capacidad de amar. [6]

Crisocola - la comunicación, la energía femenina, la creatividad, alivia las úlceras y la artritis. [4,5,6]

Crisoprasa - previene la depresión, aumenta la gracia y el equilibrio, los balances de energía. [4]

Citrino - limpia el aura, desintoxica el cuerpo, ayuda a la regeneración de tejidos. [2]

Cobre - alivia la artritis, comunicados de restricciones, estimula la iniciativa y optimismo. [0]

Coral - La protección de la imaginación aumenta el mal, resuelve los conflictos. [X]

Danburita - estimula el intelecto, mejora la capacidad psíquica y auto aplomo-. [7]

Diópsido - trae lágrimas necesario, el trauma se cura, la regresión ayudas, escudriñamiento de piedra. [X]

Dioptasa - atrae el amor, abundancia, prosperidad y salud. [4]

 Dolomita - reduce el estrés dolores en el cuerpo, el dolor, ayuda al crecimiento de los músculos, cabello, uñas, etc [4]

Dravita - una piedra protectora que trae la paz de la tierra para el ser superior. [1]

Esmeralda - asegura el amor, atrae la riqueza, la rentabilidad de soñar. [4]

Ferro-actinolita - recuerdo de vidas pasadas, protectores del corazón, aumenta la fuerza de la vida, la fraternidad. [4]

Fluorita - comprensión de las ayudas, fortalece los dientes y los huesos, la estabilización y calmante. [X]

Galena - la armonía, la salud del cabello, los estudiantes de medicina, promueve estudios holísticos. [1]

Granate - La salud aumenta, la fidelidad, la imaginación, y los saldos de flujo de energía. [1,4]

Hematita - tierra, promueve el sentido común y sensatez. [1]

Herkimer Diamante - estimula las capacidades psíquicas, alivia la tensión, ayuda a dormir. [0]

Hessonita - borra la negatividad, elimina los sentimientos de inferioridad, promueve un cambio positivo. [3]

Heulandita - recuerdo de vidas pasadas, la pérdida de peso, mente abierta, una ayuda a sobrellevar la pérdida. [X]

Hiddenite - estimula la inteligencia, la perspicacia, el amor universal. [4]

Holly ágata azul - espiritual y actualización psíquica, como una enseña, también aprende. [7]

Howlite - combina el razonamiento, la observación y la paciencia, siempre para el discernimiento. [6,7]

Iolite - da visiones exactas, la discordia de prensa, fortalece el hígado, conector alma. [7]

Infinito - se refiere a su pasado, presente y futuro a la vez, una piedra angelical muy cariñosa. [4]

Jade - reduce la fatiga visual y la negatividad, promueve la longevidad, ayuda a recordar los sueños y la interpretación. [4]

Jasper - sanador físico poderoso, protege contra la negatividad. [X]

Jet - disipa las migrañas, enfermedad, violencia, depresión profunda, protege las finanzas. [1]

Kundalini Cuarzo - la energía primaria plantea Kundalini, la conexión a tierra. [1]

Kunzite - reduce la inseguridad, la dependencia, una piedra de amor, da la madurez. [4]

Cianita - promueve la claridad y la comprensión en el trabajo de sueño, mejora la creatividad. [5,6,7]

Labradorita - trae el reconocimiento del destino, aumenta la capacidad telepática. [6,7]

Lapislázuli - fortalece la conciencia total, el ESP, el esqueleto, la tiroides, la creatividad. [6]

Larimar - constructor de la confianza, buena para las ventas, reduce la depresión, aumenta la serenidad. [5]

Lepidolita - promueve el amor propio, alivia el estrés, la ira, la tensión. [4]

Malaquita - dinero de la suerte de piedra, útiles para el sueño, el asma y el trabajo. [4]

Moldavita - canalización de fuentes interdimensional, catalizador de cambios importantes en la vida. [4]

Mookaite - de protección, lo lleva a uno en el "aquí y ahora", ayuda a aceptar el cambio. [1,2,3]

Moonstone - Stone Love suerte, calmante, introspectiva, ayuda con la liberación emocional. [2]

Morganita - hermandad, los saldos de las emociones, el dolor se cura de la separación, la energía del amor. [4]

Obsidian - elimina la credulidad, ofrece desprendimiento, muy protector. [1]

Onyx - alivia el estrés y el dolor, refuerza el autocontrol y la moral. [1]

Opal - recuerda las vidas pasadas, de belleza interior, la fidelidad, y la vista. [7]

Peridot - abre nuevas puertas, elimina el estrés, el miedo, la culpa, se activa el crecimiento personal. [4]

Petalita - mejora la habilidad de sentir la energía, se disuelve la energía negativa y la magia negro, la piedra de los Ángeles. [0]

Bosque Petrificado - Conexión a la Tierra y la Naturaleza, elimina molestias menores. [1]

Phenacite - conocimiento interno, los viajes espirituales, aumenta la energía de otras piedras. [7]

Pietersite - alimentación digna y amorosa guía, los registros de accesos akáshicos. [6,7]

Peta Zetas - sensación de alegría, de alta energía, saca el dolor. [2]

Prase - resuelve sentido de temas de sexualidad, de la unidad con el universo, la piedra madre tierra. [4]

Prehnita - chakras saldos, mejora las relaciones personales. [3, 4]

Purpurite - ayuda a romper con los patrones limitado, aumenta la espiritualidad y las finanzas. [7]

Pirita - aumenta la memoria, la concentración, la espiritual y la capacidad psíquica para los estudiantes. [1]

Cuarzo - piedra programable, rompe los malos hábitos, dolores de cabeza, la canalización de piedra, aumenta la fuerza de la vida. [0]

Rhodizite - "el cristal maestro", desbloquea obstrucciones, activa chakras, piedras verdaderamente positivo. [0]

Rodocrosita - fortalece el poder mental, encuentra un nuevo amor. [4]

Rhodonite - la energía en el trauma, aplomo, una ayuda a alcanzar el mayor potencial. [4]

Cuarzo rosa - reduce el peso, las arrugas, confianza en sí mismo, piedra amor. [4]

Ruby - El equilibrio mental, mejora la circulación, protege naturalezas sensibles. [4]

Cuarzo rutilado - excelente para el proceso del parto, mejora la comunicación. [0]

Zafiro - motivador objetivo fortalece la lealtad, altamente evolucionados piedra espiritual. [6,7]

Selenita - la flexibilidad, la toma de decisiones, la claridad, refuerza la columna vertebral. [7]

Seraphinite - aura limpia y chakras, ayuda a ponerte en contacto con los ángeles, la energía de la cooperación. [4,7]

Cuarzo ahumado - alivia la depresión, la tensión, los saldos de las energías sexuales. [1]

Sodalita - sistema endocrino profética soñando, elimina la confusión. [6]

Estaurolita - lágrimas de las hadas, la buena suerte, ayuda a la transición, hace a sí mismo en la facilidad. [1]

Fresa Cuarzo - recuerda las vidas pasadas, alivia la tensión en una relación. [4]

Stichtite - alienta a la veracidad, humildad, una mente abierta, facilita la Kundalini a través de chakra del corazón. [4]

Sugilita - Ayudas de la curación física, reduce el estrés, fortalece el corazón, equilibrador emocional. [6,7]

Manganeso - aumenta la conciencia psíquica y espiritual, mientras que a tierra. [1,6,7]

Piedra del Sol - se disipa temor, aumenta la vitalidad, el crecimiento espiritual, una piedra de la suerte. [3]

Tanzanita - piedra de la magia, facilita la conciencia espiritual, estimula la visión. [6]

Tektite - sabiduría a través de la experiencia de vida impide que las cicatrices emocionales. [1]

Ojo de Tigre - protector psíquico, ideal para negocio, ayuda a lograr mayor claridad. [X]

Tigre de Hierro - mejora la creatividad a través de la meditación, bueno para la motivación en todos los niveles. [1-3]

Topacio - regeneración de los tejidos, los riñones y la vejiga, mejora la comprensión. [X]

Turmalina - alivia la fatiga, la anemia, aumenta el éxito y el amor. [X]

Turquesa - amistad, relajación mental, el sistema respiratorio. [5]

Unakite - aumenta la sensación de poder personal, convierte lo negativo en positivo. [4]

Vesuvianita - ayuda creativa / intuitiva, ayuda a combatir la depresión, el miedo, la negatividad, evitar el peligro. [X]

Victorite - paz, la conciencia de altas energías, liberación emocional, la claridad de expresión. [5]

Zincita - elimina los bloqueos de energía, catártica, trae mentes juntas similares. [1,2,3]

varity of tumbled.jpg

Hello Crystal Master, My name is Stacy Lamb. I received my Put In Bay Celestite. Thanks for picking out such amazing pieces.the energy of these stones are amazing. I felt it right away. I was guided to place one in each hand, one under each foot, and one on top of my crown chakra. The soles of my feet constantly felt a steady vibration. My hands would take turns pulsing- one would pulse and than go to other, than the top of my head was buzzing and in my third eye I saw pure white light surround my whole body. I got a message to use essential oil blend Valor the next time I do this. The crystals told me to do this in five seperate sessions. They said they want me to do this during healing sessions with clients along with the Valor oil. They told me that I have to do it first to myself than to others. During this session I felt pulses in different parts of my body. Like some thing was being unblocked in my knee and my shoulder. Very cool. Thanks soooo much for maki g these stones available to me. One day I will have to make it there and medeitate in the cave must like you did. Thanks again. Crystal Blessings Stacy 

Hi Crystalmaster! I've spoken with you several times when you were at the Body-Mind-Spirit festivals in Michigan, and I've purchased several beautiful pieces from you there. I'm bummed that you won't be at any upcoming festivals here this year, but I'm finally online, and I would love to purchase more things from you, especially Infinite. I had bought a few pieces, but inevitably I was guided to give them away to clients who needed them more than I, so now I have one small piece left, and would like to buy larger ones. I saw that only people in your Rosley Rock club can purchase the Infinite, so that's what I'm inquiring about - Sign me up! I already signed up for your emails, now I just need more info about purchasing and such. I have to tell you that the infinite, kyanite w/mica, mookite, stichtite, mystic spirit quartz and all the others I've bought from you over the years have all been amazing, as was the great information I learned from you when we met. Please email me back when you get that chance, I really appreciate it and look forward to more purchases, your quality is unparalleled. Much thanks and love - Namaste! Sincerely, Nikki J 

Thanks for your ongoing emails about Crystals. I last acquired two Infinity Stones from you... I'm a Massage Therapist and have been amazed at when my spirit guides direct me to use crystals with healing as I work my clients. My clients often ask or share... "What was that you placed on me? I felt such peace, or the things that were bothering me disappeared... or the pain immediately left my body." What an incredible feeling to help others when I know it's an appropriate thing to do with them. This order however is for me.. it always is, and then I learn when to use the crystals with my clients and friends. 

I have been a crystal and rock enthusiast since I can remember. I still have my Herkimer Crystal Cluster I aquired back in the 70's. I want to share the experiances I get from Herkimer Diamond Crystals. I have my herkimer cluster on my bed cabinet headboard, along with various size herkimers, including another one aquired back in the 80's-pocket size. I place my largest single point herkimer-2.5 by 2.5 by 1.5 inch under my pillow every night. Every morning that I wake up, I receive numerous preminitions that you would not believe it. It bewilders sometimes to the point to question who I am. All premonitions come true-either if they be good or bad. I say to myself, can this really be happening-and sometimes I do not want to know-when a bad thing is going to happen. My kids live in California and Wisconsin now-it's if I know there every experiance--I know when they are sad,happy, things going good or the reading thoughts--as if I know when someone in my life-past or present is thinking about me---drives me crazy sometimes--- learned to handle this kind of thing--since my experiances go back to early 70's. Clairvoyance is my middle name. The power I get from the Herkimer is unbelievable. 
Thanks for the infinite. My dog has been recovering from hip surgery on both hips and his left leg. I wish you could see the difference in his face before and after a massage with infinite. After his massage he perks right up and bounces around like a puppy. This stone really works!!!!
Katherine Cook <>

USA)Steve, I as a clairvoyant & healer that uses various tools, stones being one of them, I appreciate the quality and vibration of what you offer in your store. In response to your request that I channel a piece of Selenite I received from you, this was my experience. While meditating on the Selenite , the first thing I noticed was an image of various geometric forms flying towards and past me, as if I were flying through space, except instead of stars they were geometric shapes. I then heard the sound of a crystal healing bowl on the high end of the scale. It was then related to me that Selenite "speaks when it wants to, to whom it wants to! It gives the ability to act surely and quickly when needed." My session concluded with a male energy asking me "What is your wish?" and then "I am here for you." I had been accepted and a bond had been made. I placed the Selenite on the nightstand before going to sleep and the next morning my husband reported that his dreams were more vivid than ever and he was able to recall them in precise detail. Kordy Kat was very interested in the Selenite; lots of sniffing and rubbing. Tony, the younger cat, was, however, very timid in it's presence. Love and Light, Patty
Patty Kumm <>

USA)I love my infinite stone I purchased from your website! My son recently had the chicken pox and we used it to lesson his illness. He barely broke out and recovered very quickly. We programmed it and he carried it everywhere he went. I have a large one... Also, I have clients that suffer with headaches and when they come for a massage they ask for the infinite stone to hold to their head to dispell their headaches. I am really excited about the jewlery!!!
Pamela Ziskie <>

Oxford, MI USAHere's a stone story for you, ( I have a few, but this is a good one) . In the last year or so I have been pulled into the world of Crystals, but alas have no one to talk to or Teach me about this Obsession that has come my way. Anyway last year I had so many stone Grandfathers enter my life ( all different) that They were all over my bedroom. My main amethyst was in her place under my pillow, but the others were all around me too. I could'nt sleep well at all finally sometime in the middle of the night I woke up Gasping for air, and took all my crystals, and put them in a bowl then placed them in a drawer. The next morning I saw my best friend( the only sensitive I know) who told me that one of my Crystals had come to her in her sleep and told her that it was sufocating in the place where it was at. After she discribed the stone for me I knew It was my Blue Kyanite, that was in my bowl, with a bunch of Crystals on top of it. Have A great Day!!!! Pam K

USAI really love your site and the emaild I get from you. I am pretty spiritual and am collecting rocks and crystals. You help me learn a lot. I hope that in the future I can buy some of your rocks and crystals. They look beatiful. i wanted to ask based on a coment Steven Rosley made on one of his emails "Soul mate Sharyl Noday is a trance channel." If you knew any other channel's titles. I am said to be a channeler which is new to me. I need a mentor i am told.(laughs). And i was told i have all the channel energy lines. Because your soul mate is a trance channeler i am hoping she or you may know other's. if not thank you for reading this. i look foreword to more emails from you. marina
Marina <>

Brooklyn, NY USALoved your site, so informative, I enjoyed browsing thru it, I will check back often Susan
Susan <Ncc17lu@AOL.COM>

Goochland, VA USAIt was great looking through all the information on your site, you trying have a lot of wisdom to share. We hope you will be able to share some of this in Canada some day (we are Canada's Largest Holistic Lifestyle Expo, with events across the country). Stop by and take a lot, we also have a online directory, articles and much more in our internacative online community where you may also share information about your work.
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo - Canada <>

Toronto, ON CanadaHi my spiritual name is Annettah aka Netty. I really like the site. I wish to learn more about your organization. I am an inspiring clairvoyant medium and empath. I am learning and stil am. I have a web page and I am listed on ebay under Angel Card Readings. Light and Love Netty (Tee)
Tee <>

Best wishes from the UK ! Joe

Lancester City, Lancester UKWhat a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i neva got bored for a single minute. Keep up your good work and all of the best in everything you do! :-)
very cool and nice website !!! keep up the good work

Vienna, at AustriaThe Hawkseye was just what i was looking for. Love the new shop. Al

Chicago, IL USASteven - Thank you again for the attention and graciousness shown me at your new location, even though it was in the midst of your moving process! The selection of Dravite was amazing in itself,and I found my stone, and am grateful. However, your very personal attention with on-site healing [much needed, how could you know] and your excellent gift of Infinite [every claim of it is in truth] will remain with me. Once again, thank you. - Michael Ford
Michael Ford <>

Red Wing, MN USAI just want you to know how thrilled I am with the beautiful stone you sent. Not only is it beautiful, but it is truly amazing. I have a degenerating disc in my lower back. It has been giving me a lot of trouble this summer - we are moving and I have been doing a lot of packing and lifting, plus painting the home we are moving into. When I got my stone I rubbed it across my lower back - it felt delightfully cool. But then I had to get back to work, so I put the stone in my pocket. Within a matter of minutes my backache was significantly better - and today it is gone completely. So, needless to say I am thrilled. Bonnie PS. and for an update, I worked out at the gym and tried not to overdo - but still came away with a backache. I stuck the Infinite stone in my waistband and in less than 2 minutes my backache was gone. This thing is truly amazing!!!!! 

USASteven, You certainly may use my testimony on your web site. I have additional info for you. My son (16 yrs old) was handling the Infinite later the evening I'd written. I didn't tell him anything about the stones before he handled them so as not to influence him in any way. He described the large grey one as having a strong pulling or tugging sensation as it crossed each meridian (pretty similar to the 'pinging' sensation I felt and it made him feel relaxed and drowsy quite quickly. Moving it across his mid abdominal region caused a sudden sharp pain in the left center portion of his head that went away a short time after he moved the Infinite away from his body. The pain returned when he moved the Infinite back into his abdominal region and left again when he moved the Infinite away. The smaller greenish yellow one also made him feel relaxed and drowsy, but not to the same degree. He kept laying it over his 3rd eye and kept commenting on how it soothing it felt to him to massage this area with the stone. This may be related to his tendency toward sinus pressure and eye strain. He described them both as "draining all the stress out of (his) body" allowing him to feel totally relaxed. I also used them on my husband who tends to be unable to discern subtleties of this nature. He, however; had absolutely no difficulty feeling the effects of either Infinite!. I originally purchased these stones to see if they could help with his back pain. He has a history of bulging lumbar discs and mild scoliosis. Over the past two months he has had severe problems and has had two cortisone injections in his back. Although the injections improved his condition, he has continued to complain of a knot-like discomfort in lumbar region and stiffness. The pain was more livable after his 2nd injection, but he was still walking stiffly,slowly and crookedly His doctor told him he really should consider surgery sometime in the near future. Both Infinite stones initially caused him to have blurred vision and dizziness when they got near his head and upper body. He also felt the larger grey one was more intense. Since he was complaining of blurred vision and dizziness I suggested he lie down. I laid the stones on his back and covered them with a hot gel pack. He fell asleep for about an hour and has not complained about back pain or stiffness since even though he has been up and about going about his normal activities. The blurred vision and dizziness went away after his nap, too. Frankly, I was surprised this brief treatment was so effective. I don't know if the heat pack influenced the result. The decision to use it was purely instinctive vs something I normally do. I have continued explore the possibilities with the Infinite. (or is that Infinite possibilities? Interesting name you picked there, Steven.) They definitely are hard to put down once you have them in your hand. They seem to be able to rebalance the body quickly. I don't know that I'd carry one on me while driving at this point because they make me too drowsy. Has anyone explored whether or not these affect the body's acid/base balance? I'm guessing they have an alkalinizing effect, but have not yet tested them in this manner. It's just a hunch. Did you put me on your e-rock club list? I will let you know if I discover anything new. Have you worked with the selenite/fluorite combo spin wands yet? If you did...what did you think? Take care, Mary

USAI read the testimonials on Infinite. I have two bulging discs in my lower back, so I ordered several to try. I will not go to sleep without my stone now. I lay on it, right over the hurt discs and can sleep and wake up with very little pain. I used to get out of bed hurting, and now I hardly hurt first thing in the morning. These are amazing stones. I had ordered the massage tool, because I am a Seichem Reiki Master, and I use stones in my healings. Since I put aside the first two for myself and my husband, I had to order some more. When they have a new shipment I will be ordering one for each of our 6 kids and close relatives. Truly a healing stone. Marsha Dixon

USAKath, I received my infinite today, and it's made an excellent choice! It fits snuggly in the palm of either hand...a sure sign that it was meant for me. The energy does feel like the stone in the picture I sent you. I have a sinus headache tonight, so I placed the stone on one of the painful spots in my face, and it immediately started loosening the blocked energy. It's a treasure! Thanks again for your kindness. I signed up for your website newsletter, and I'll bookmark your auctions for more goodies. I like to stay loyal to crystal dealers that I trust. Oh, and I left you positive feedback on ebay. Peace & Love, Cathy
Cathy <>

USAHello from Texas. First let me start by saying Thank you. I have been studying crystals for some time and I learn alot from yor site. Now for my experience with Infinite. Its wonderfull I had a friend over one day he has had cancer 2 of which Drs. have gotten rid of but the one in his lung is still alive. So he gasps for air when he talks.When he got up to leave and touched the door was the first time he had to gasp for air. He had been setting by my crystals the whole time we were visiting !! I gave him one of my Infiite and he has been able to breath with out gasping. He carries it with him every where he goes. I have gave it to another friend who has agent orange I'll let you know how that goes in a few weeks. Again thank you for bring the wonders of other lands to us. Robbie Casey
Robbie Casey <>

Leakey, TX USAI just received the Infinite I won on auction. It's absolutely gorgeous, prettier than in the picture, and fits my hand perfectly. Coincidence that I was the only bidder? I think not. :oD A friend of my stopped over one night, and since it was getting late and is a long drive home, he slept here. There was a piece of Infinite near where he fell asleep, and a few days later he said that was the first time in about four years that his neck and shoulders relaxed enough to where he could rest better. He didn't even realize the stone was near him. I like to sleep with them under the achy spots in my neck, shoulders, and back that get tensed up from working at a desk all day, and it works great on those annoying ovulation twinges. From now on, I'll never be without a supply of Infinite. Shirley
Shirley <>

Brillion, WI USAI have had numerous first hand experiences wih the awesome healing energy of the Infinite. I wire wrapped one for a friend and she put it on her 18 year old cat's collar. The cat suffers from severe arthritis, but witin minutes, she was strutting around like a princess.with no obvious signs of pain. You do need to clear the stones though, by using the smoke from burnng white sage or putting it in a potted plant overnight. I have found as my stones absorb pain, they change color and become more beautiful.
Amethyst33 <>

USAWonderful site! I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing. Claudia

USAKnolledge, experience, and wisdom, along with quality crystals keep me coming back Thanx so much
John <>


Fort Wayne, IN USAI was outside in the rain and became very wet. I rushed inside to grab my Drying Crystal and held it in my hand while chanting various drying mantras. After a few hours I was completely dry!!!! DRYING CRYSTALS WORK LIKE A CHARM! AND WE ALL KNOW HOW WELL CHARMS WORK!!!


USASteve, The Infinite realy helped! Great service at the shop. Peace to everyone, Arthur


I have experience with Rosley's Rocks and Gems dating back to 1992, at its original location here in Chicago. I have found the Crystalmaster to be a fine resource for Healing Stones of every type, including some rare stones findable nowhere else in the city. Stones from Rosley's have formed the basis for My Healing Crystal sets from the time we met at the 1992 Taste of Chicago, where he had a sales booth... Mysticaly Trancing, Goddess DreamSender/Hypnotic Enchantress Sapphire>

Chicago, IL USAhr> I have experience with Rosley's Rocks and Gems dating back to 1992, t its original location here in Chicago. I have found the Crystalmaster to be a fine resource for Healing Stones of every type, including some rare stones findable nowhere else in the city. Stones from Rosley's have formed the basis for My Heling Crystal sets from the time we met at the 1992 Taste of Chicago, where he had a sales booth... Mysticaly Trancing,>

Chicago, IL USAMany of my most powerful stones have come from ~ Steven is a true gem & everything that he touches & finds & brings back to share with others is beauty, healing, energetic, vibratory, sparklie, and most helpful:) Fast & courteous service, healing hands & quiet-giant energy is what you will get from Steven Rosley! Hugs to you angelboy!~Deonna, Reiki III Master/Teacher & Harpist
Deonna <>

Berea, OH United States - Friday, July 27, 2001 at 14:47:51 (EDT)As a manager in a national franchise, life is frantic and stressfull, so it means alot to have one place i can get great information, and all the supplies i need. Not sure how i would do it without thanx!!!


USA - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 08:42:01 (EDT)Highly impressed by Steven's depth of understanding and appreciation of rocks and crystals--a veritable masster of this arena as promised. I am looking forward to an actual visitation. A practicing metaphysician and psychotherapist. 
William Vest


Racine,, WI USA
Hi Crystalmaster! I've spoken with you several times when you were at the Body-Mind-Spirit festivals in Michigan, and I've purchased several beautiful pieces from you there. I'm bummed that you won't be at any upcoming festivals here this year, but I'm finally online, and I would love to purchase more things from you, especially Infinite. I had bought a few pieces, but inevitably I was guided to give them away to clients who needed them more than I, so now I have one small piece left, and would like to buy larger ones. I saw that only people in your Rosley Rock club can purchase the Infinite, so that's what I'm inquiring about - Sign me up! I already signed up for your emails, now I just need more info about purchasing and such. I have to tell you that the infinite, kyanite w/mica, mookite, stichtite, mystic spirit quartz and all the others I've bought from you over the years have all been amazing, as was the great information I learned from you when we met. Please email me back when you get that chance, I really appreciate it and look forward to more purchases, your quality is unparalleled. Much thanks and love - Namaste! Sincerely, Nikki JThank you for the extra Infinite and the quick response to my receiving the wrong order! I love the ones you sent and have been using them all. I had an experience with 2 of them this morning that I wanted to share. You may already know what I discovered, but just in case... I have given myself Reiki every morning before getting up ever since I received my attunements in May 2000. I have had lung infections all my life and in addition to lots of scarring, I had to have all but one lobe removed on the right side. I took 2 of the Infinite to bed with me last night because I had a sinus headache and congestion in my lungs. Part of the time, they were on my body and part of the time under my pillow. While giving myself Reiki this morning, I placed one on my forehead where the pain was and the other on my heart chakra. I usually get sort of spacey and sometimes actually fall back into a light sleep while giving the Reiki. This morning I was drifting in and out of sleep when I was shown how Infinite works! I saw one disrupt the energy signature of the pain. It broke up into small chunks and those dissolved. I saw the other one disrupt the energy of the negative, wobbly spin of my heart chakra, allowing it to change direction and become strongly positive. The Infinite are "energy disrupters" is the term that stayed strongly in my mind even when I completely woke up. I've never felt strong energy from Infinite but knew from experience that it works miracles and wondered how it does that. Now I know! My headache was completely gone and even though I got up and walked 2-1/2 miles this morning, I haven't been congested and the headache didn't come back for over 12 hours. Thanks again for the nice extra Infinite stones! Patsy Johnson Love is the key to healing. 

Hi there! The Black Tourmaline pieces and the polished Ohio Celestite arrived yesterday. THANK YOU! They are absolutely GREAT! The crystals I get from you feel so much more powerful than the ones I get anywhere else - and they have a very pure clean energy to them too. Thanks again, and am looking forward to the next time I can order something from you. Have a wonderful holiday season! SJ




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