Strawberry Quartz with Chrysocolla

Strawberry Quartz with Chrysocolla


Our Strawberry Quartz with Chrysocolla isn’t just visually stunning, it brings the powers of the Earth to you. Chrysocolla telltale green color is indicative of its history as a secondary copper mineral—formed when the element was exposed to water in Prehistoric times. As such, it is another turquoise-colored stone that elicits awe, as if viewing Earth from space.

The natural pairing with Strawberry Quartz is quite serendipitous: this pink stone is ideal for matrixes and gem essences--meaning it’s highly personal, and designed to be used in the three dimensions. The added Chrysocolla aids in dispelling negativity and absorbing grief, making it an ideal dispersant around the home, should you be beset by turmoil. A warning: due to this compound’s copper content, the indirect method of creating an essence is recommended.

It is important to note: this stone comes from George Swanson in Springbok, South Africa, making it all-natural as well as extremely rare.

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