Selenite Small

Selenite Small

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One Selenite Each
Average Size: 5" x 0.5" x 5

Selenite is a Hydrated Calcium Sulfate, found in various locations in the world.

Selenite is a stone for the Crown Chakra. It is a wonderful cleansing stone which brings the white light into the physical body. It promotes flexibility, supports decision-making, enhances clarity of thought, and is said to strengthen the spinal column.


Selenite cleanses the aura, bringing white light into the physical body. It also clears negative energy from stones placed on it. Selenite clears all chakras, but is particularly good for the Crown chakra, as it helps one to meditate, achieve clarity, and make decisions. It improves flexibility, balance, and alignment of the spine. We recommend that those who do massage therapy or any form of energy work place a piece of selenite under their table.

Moroccan Selenite Wands are ideal in size and shape for placing under a massage table. This formation is very unusual - it looks a bit like large bunches of fiber optic cable - and very beautiful, having chatoyancy (a pearly sheen)


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