SELENITE GRID Large - Pick Up Only

SELENITE GRID Large - Pick Up Only

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Place the 7 selenite wands in a circle and put the Celestite between the wands. They do not have to touch each other. in the middle place the Candle Quarts Crystal.

Stand in the Grid with the Candle Quartz aiming toward your spinal cord. Close your eyes and take a cleansing breath --bring in Goodness --exhale Yuck. Then breath naturally and feel.

You can put a chair in the GRID and meditate in the chair.
This is a White Light Chamber, nothing negative can get in. You can put it around your massage table with the Candle Quartz in the middle.

These Grids are only available for pick up at the store, located at: 
4344 N Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

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