Rosaline Quartz Small

Rosaline Quartz Small


One Rosaline Quartz Each

ROSALINE QUARTZ is an incredibly rare gem Rose Quartz out of Madagascar. What makes it different from other forms of Rose Quartz is the unique Black Tourmaline spindles housed within. Generally described as "barcode" or "dragonfruit flesh", this variation produces a harmonious stone that synchronizes your Lower Chakras with your Heart.

Fro example: remember when you were younger, perhaps a teenager, and met someone you liked? Remember how you'd stay up all night on the phone with them, ensuring you were a mess the next day (but honestly at that point: it didn't matter)?

Rosaline Quartz blends the benefits of Rose Quartz on the Heart, with the benefits of Black Tourmaline that act to ground you. This stone allows you to save face and not give into flights of fancy. It will keep temptation and infatuation at bay.

Each piece weighs roughly 6 grams

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