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Hiddenite stimulates the intellect and promoting knowledge transfer from the higher worlds. Hiddenite is a crystal closely related to the heart chakra that protects and supports all healthy emotional forms of expression, and attracts prosperity.

The color of Hiddenite is green-yellow to emerald-yellow. It is a beautiful transparent or translucent crystal with a nice glassy luster.

Notable occurrences of Hiddenite are in the USA (North Carolina), Brazil, Madagascar and Afghanistan.

Hiddenite is a rare stone, and that is why a good quality specimen is highly appreciated. Visually, in some respects it can be compared to Emerald, but Hiddenite's color is usually brighter. Some similarity can be found also with , Peridot and Green Tourmaline. In fact, Hiddenite is green (or colorless) Kunzite, a variation of mineral Spodumene. Spodumene is a relatively common mineral, but the transparent specimens are scarce. The pink variation of Spodumene is called Kunzite, while, as we mentioned above, the green variation of Spodumene is Hiddenite. (sunnyray.org)

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