Infinite Circles

Infinite Circles

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Infinite (the healer stone), is a form of serpentine in flux. That is to say serpentine is an extremely ancient stone, meaning over time it’s had the chance to begin playing around with how its molecular structure is arranged. The telltale sign of Infinite is the perpendicular bands of chrysotile dispersed throughout it, chrysotile being a polymorph of serpentine, having rearranged itself into fibers that give Infinite its trademark chatoyancy.

This stone dates back to the very beginnings of human history, across many cultures. Serpentine first arrives on record in the ancient (3300BC) Harappa culture in the Indus Valley, on the modern-day border between India and Pakistan.

It’s suggested that an ancient Chinese monopoly on jade caused the neighboring civilizations to pick up Serpentine as a useful alternative, and it’s even known as “False Jade” in a number of Central Asian languages. Serpentine flourished as the mineral of choice as a result. The jade monopoly recurred again and again throughout Chinese history, causing more and more Serpentine artifacts to be discovered around its cultural periphery. Even now, Serpentine is marketed in China as “New Jade.”

One of the unique qualities of “serpentine-in-flux” is the sheer variety of different elements with which it has interacted, over eons. Most curious is what it does with carbon: it stores it. When carbon dioxide comes into contact with Serpentine, the carbon is captured and the oxygen atoms are re-released into the environment.

This form of “geological respiration” provides good imagery for Infinite’s metaphysical properties; the green of the stone suggests crystalline chlorophyll, healing us with sacred natural energy.

In South Africa, scientist-entrepreneurs of the 19th century discovered that the carbon-capturing ability makes Serpentine a “diamond nursery,” when enough time, heat and pressure are applied. For diamond hunters, Serpentine is an indicator that they are on the right track.

In researching various metaphysical properties of different amalgams of serpentine with chrysotile, the word “honesty” comes up repeatedly. When we think of someone being “green,” we think of naivete or child-like behavior. Infinite gets us back into that intrinsically trusting mindset.

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