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60 kits only-- Most Powerful Crystals on Earth***Steven's Super Six

We have The Most Powerful Crystals on Earth***Steven's Super Six.
60 kits only
This sale ends at Midnight Sunday October 17 th 2010

Steven's Super Six Crystals
1. ALEXANDRITE- is a very rare stone. It is a type of chrysoberyl that when held up to a light source displays a green color in natural light, and a reddish- violet color in artificial light. Because natural ALEXANDRITE are so rare, they are usually very expensive, and most of the Alexandrines commercially available are laboratory grown instead. However, the energy of a natural ALEXANDRITE is incomparable. It is a powerful transformational stone for one's spiritual life. It can assist regeneration, rebirth, and manifestation on multiple levels. It can also balance one's bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and etheric. The energy of ALEXANDRITE centers one, encouraging self-esteem, joy, and the realization that everything is connected. It protects against negative energies. ALEXANDRITE is a stone for the Base, Heart, and Third Eye Chakras. It can be used to promote healing of the spleen, pancreas, brain, and nervous system. It has also been used to treat cancer, particularly leukemia. The pieces offered are all color-change; some are slight

2. HERKIMER DIAMOND The DREAM STONE Known to soothe tension, calm the mind and aid with sleep, Herkimer Diamond is and excellent aid in meditation. Diamond Herkimer helps to attune the user to others, the environment and specific activities. It also helps to stimulate psychic abilities, can be used as a bridge to past lives, and is an excellent help with vision quests. These crystals have been hand picked in New York by the Master himself, during his recent trip to the east coast. "Has the ability to increase and focus the energy of other stones."---S. Rosley, The Crystalmaster

3. PETALITE- highly spiritual. It has been called the "stone of the Angels " and will help one connect with one's guides. It is also said to dissolve negativity and black magic spells. Petalite has been used on vision quests for strength, protection, and peace. It will balance one's yin/yang qualities as well as one's mind, body, and spirit. It also enhances one's ability to feel energy in stones

4.PHENACITE clears and activates all chakras, especially the Third Eye and Crown. Helps one to go further during meditation. Great healing stone. Amplifies energies of other stones used for healing. Alleviates despair, fear of change, leads one to live in love. This RARE Crystal is called The Enhancer for its ability to increase the energy of other stones its with. These are among the highest vibration stones on earth. This stone of ascension will help you move in all realities.

5. .RHODIZITE-I feel that RHODIZITE is "THE MI Master CRYSTAL from Lemuria" It activates other stones and crystals to do the work that they are intended to do... It will unlock all blockages and activate any and all chakras. This Crystal was the corner stone of Lemuria Crystal World and has been lost for many years they have been recently brought out of Madagascar - --They are Small but extremely powerful stones. This is an interdimensional crystal.

6..TANZANITE- Tanzanite was first discovered in Tanzania, Africa. The University of Heidelberg in Germany identified it as the first occurrence of blue/purple gem quality Zoisite. It was first marketed in the U.S. by Tiffany & Company, who named the gem after its country of origin. This stone continues to rise in popularity, and demand for it usually exceeds the supply. We are lucky to be able to offer it to our online subscribers in 20 gram lots. This stone stimulates both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, bringing together all aspects of communication and psychic power. Tanzanite is a "stone of magic" that facilates spiritual awareness and stimulates insight. It is also said to relieve depression and is known to transmute and dispel negativity. It helps to integrate the Heart and Crown chakras with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras in a way that broadens one's vision, benefits meditation, and helps us realize the ability to co-create our lives.

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The Most Powerful Crystals on Earth***Steven's Super Six.
60 kits only
This sale ends at Midnight Sunday October 17 th 2010 There is a limit of 10 kits per person

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