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As you read this, Steven is en route to the show in Tucson, and warm weather. Meanwhile, a blizzard is en route to Chicago...hopefully weather is better where YOU are! It seems that now is a good time to treat ourselves to a little pick-me-up - or perhaps one for a dear friend who's about to get snowed in! This month's deals will make it easy to brighten anyone's day with great stones at savings of 50%! And don't forget, if there's anything you need and can't find, let Steven find it for you in Tucson! Email us your Wish List, including sizes and how much you'd like to spend. We'll call or email you with a price quote for your approval before we buy anything.

Ametrine Dravite - Brown Tourmaline The Crystal Master Speaks: Ancient Stones and Intuition
Ametrine consists of Amethyst, or purple Quartz, and citrine, or golden Quartz. It is a stone that can be used for multiple chakras. The Amethyst works on the Third Eye chakra, and the Citrine works on the Solar Plexus chakra. Ametrine helps to balance one's male/female energies, and stimulates the intellect to higher forms of consciousness. It also helps one achieve greater depths in meditation and attunement in less time than usual. It dispels negativity in the aura, and brings in white light. It reassures those whose fear of growth keeps them from evolving in a spiritual or psychic sense. Ametrine helps integrate intuition and spirituality into everyday existance. Dravite is said to bring a realization of the "God within". It protects one from the effects of bad karma, and is gentle, yet effective in grounding. Dravite is capable of balancing all chakras, even the ones specific to the spiritual and etheric bodies (11th chakra and beyond ). It cleanses the aura, and brings a warm sense of Earth and peace to the Higher Self. Dravite helps to balance the body as well as the aura, and has been used to treat intestinal tract disorders. Plants seem to love Dravite; placing a piece of Dravite on top of the soil, or burying a piece of the stone in the soil may stimulate faster plant growth. Those of you who cannot make it to any of the shows we attend can now hear the Crystal Master speak in the comfort of your own home or vehicle! Order our tape of the lecture Steven Rosley gives at metaphysical shows around the country. The tape discusses how to choose, cleanse, and use crystals. It comes with a free chakra stone - we pick the one we are guided to choose for each person. At the end of the tape, there is a guided meditation that can be done using the stone we send you, as well as any other stones you have. The meditation will teach you about the link between stones and the chakras, and show you why you got the stone you did.

Indian Kyanite with Mica Victorite ROSLEY'S ROCK TOUR 2002
Kyanite is an oxegenated Aluminum Silicate that forms in elongated, often flattened crystals. The color range includes blue, green, and black. Kyanite is capable of balancing all the chakras at once. It aids in the manifestation of one's life work on the Earth plane, and heals blockages in all the bodies; etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It also boosts the immune system. Blue Kyanite works on the Throat and Third Eye chakras; aiding communication and meditation. The Mica in the Indian Kyanite amplifies the energy of the stone, opening and aligning the chakras with a more concentrated energy and taking one to a deeper meditative state more quickly than ordinary Blue Kyanite. These benefits make Indian Kyanite with Mica ideal for healers to use, particularly since Kyanite does not retain negativity, so it never needs cleansing. This Larimar look-alike comes from Peru, and we have a limited supply. The color is light blue, white or gray. One feels the motion of the sea and a peaceful calm that subtly penetrates your field; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It helps you become aware of your higher energies, establishing a link between you and your Higher Self. Victorite relieves tension, and energizes the body as it does so. It can aid one in emotional release and to move away from old patterns. It purifies and transforms, giving clarity of speech and enhancing perception. Victorite can assist in channeling information, as well as understanding and assimilating that information. Product code: VI2002-3 Note: We also have some hand-polished pieces of Victorite; call or email us for individual prices. We are taking the show on the road. Below is a list of upcoming shows and Expos you can see us at.
Rosley's Rock Tour 2002
12-14 International Life Expo (speaker) -- Cleveland, OH
20-21 Whole Life Expo (speaker) -- Pittsburg, PA
22- trunk show and Workshop at Journey of Life-- Pittsburg, Pa

IF YOU KNOW OF ANY OTHER SHOWS YOU WOULD LIKE US TO ATTEND, PLEASE SEND US A LIST. Print out this newsletter and bring it to one of these shows to get a free crystal! To find us at the shows, look for the large copper pyramid - we will be under it!

Remember to give the price codes when ordering to get these great prices! Remember to email us with your Wish List early to give Steven maximum time to find the items you request. Remember to be careful when shovelling snow - and help your neighbors!

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