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This gender-neutral talisman looks like it's steeped in magical power. It provides a "personal integrity field" and it's an ideal accent for a full moon on the town!

·       At its focal point is a large tumbled SHUNGITE nugget. Not enough amazing things can be said about this mineral, which is 95%+ carbon due to being petrified petroleum. As such, it's a "Global Warming Stone": if the planet reaches a point where the only oil left is locked up in this stones then we will have long since gone extinct. This can be a powerful idea to meditate upon.

Metaphysically, those who feel energy in stones note a massive dispersal effect in the signature of Shungite (as opposed to a quartz point, which would be intensely focused). This stone filters, detoxes and shields you. Shungite beads throughout this amulet form a scaffolding, magnifying these effects.

·       BLACK TOURMALINE is a perennial best-seller-- to people not into crystals, people freshly into crystals and/or those referred to it by a psychic. This geometric gemstone is often "prescribed" as a means of dispelling negativity. Great for hospital rooms, office environments, energy grids, etc. Myself personally? Black tourmaline calms me down. It busts down the wheel that the hamster in my brain likes to run on, especially when I have to go to sleep.

·       For most of human history, MOONSTONE has been Basic Witch 101. It is said to be at its maximum power during the full moon. If you've inherited Moonstone jewelry, chances are Granny was up to some interesting Wiccan/Pagan stuff!

Moonstone chips are a highly integral part of this piece-- the trick of the eye is it provides monochrome with the lush blacks of both other stones, but then also flashes color at certain angles. It challenges the brain to answer "what IS bling?"

·       REAL Amber beads at the necklace clasp. Stone necklaces can be heavy; real Amber will warm to human body heat, releasing anti-inflammatory compounds designed to keep any jewelry-related strain at bay.



SACRED GROUND gives you a holy space that is yours, a space that is free of anxiety and negativity. It reminds you that wherever you go, you take this with you!

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