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This lightweight stone amulet made of ancient materials is meant to channel a look of futuristic function and simplicity. Ruby Star Conduit is a metaphysical tool disguised as jewelry stripped of anything ornate.

·       Purifying PALO SANTO beads house the Violet Flame: a STICHTITE pendant couched in SUGILITE. Both of these purple stones are from South Africa and are meant to stimulate the Crown Chakra and access to the Akashic Records. Sugilite is a rare manganese stone, the same element that changes clear Quartz to Amethyst. Geologically, this Stichtite nugget was formed from ancient Serpentine metamorphosing itself into new healing stones, so it would be fair to call it a family relative of true Infinite.

·       Green INFINITE colorations calm the heart and mind; its healing properties lie in the fact that it is extremely tactile. True Infinite comes from only one place-- South Africa's Transvaal Region. The physical Earth that was used to build this part of the world is some of the oldest on the planet, therefore its minerals have the greatest metaphysical charge.

·       Twin STAR RUBIES act as power generators, growing and guarding your "chi" on your journey, astral or otherwise. The heft of these iron gemstones lie near your collarbone region--they are your wings. Metaphysically very powerful, they are held distinct from the Violet Flame by Palo Santo of the Inca, which also provides gravitational balance for the Conduit's owner; 

·       After Infinite, ASCENSIONITE was the second stone unearthed by the Crystalmaster, also in South Africa. These beads are nothing short of visual fun--at first glance they are just pebble balls with imperfections. Then those imperfections begin to randomly sparkle, in ways that can't be grown in a lab. Ascensionite is dolomite and basalt rock, with thousands of tiny cryptocrystalline quartz. It is essentially a crystal nursery, making its shine the most ornate attribute to this minimalist talisman. Metaphysically, this is the Stone of Ascension. Healers sat with this sibling of South African Infinite and determined it opens doors you didn't know were there. This is a great stone for someone open to new ideas and new paths.


Ascensionite forms the Conduit, with Infinite holding downloads of data from your Violet Flame "ascended master", filtered through holy Palo Santo, burst forth by power generated from dense star Rubies.

This Ascended Master could be any of a number of deities, so Ruby Star Conduit is meant to have religious undertones.

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