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A talisman designed to attract love, calm, fertility & rebirth-- all aspects of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor.

It brings together:

·       the Scarab Beetle, a focal point symbolizing the rebirth that the rising Sun brings every day;

·       Soft, forgiving Sharylite, a pink Alabaster from Roswell, NM. This mineral was used by Southwestern Native tribes in ceremonial war carvings (daggers, for example-- pink Alabaster is too soft for actual warfare, so it was used exclusively in rituals);

·       extremely rare Sardonyx "Evil Eye" beads, found throughout Greece, Turkey & the Middle East, these wards are usually made of glass;

·       Green Aventurine, frequently included in altars to Hathor, meant to attract Prosperity;

·       Lemurian Infinite, a form of Serpentine-in-flux from Madagascar, an island so geologically old that its minerals are said to be the most metaphysically potent on the planet. Infinite Stone in general is known for being a Healer;

·       Quartz crystal beads, metaphysically charging and enhancing their neighbors' energy;

·       REAL Amber beads at the necklace clasp. Stone necklaces can be heavy; real Amber will warm to human body heat, releasing anti-inflammatory compounds designed to keep any jewelry-related strain at bay.

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