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The paradise dreamt of by ancient humans in Greek mythology (also giving its name to the Champs-Elysees in Paris), this collar is meant to remind its owner that Paradise can be accessed at a moment's notice.


·       The centerpiece is a sparkling BLUE KYANITE gemstone. The grand realigner of Chakras, Blue Kyanite is sought after not to center oneself, but to nudge manic/depressive Chakra Points back into equilibrium; 

·       Green INFINITE is a renowned metaphysical healer. This eons old serpentine-in-flux envisions a heavenly meadow; this imagery is apt, considering serpentine is primordial, borne of the merging of Earth's lithosphere & hydrosphere and releasing compounds necessary for life as a byproduct; 

·       Black SHUNGITE comes from only place on Earth: a petrified oil field at the Russian/Finnish border. There are official records dating back 100s of years of Russian soldiers using Shungite to filter questionable water, and in modern times it's used for this and more-- it detoxes and shields from radiation bombarding modern life. Shungite spas are becoming very popular in Europe, whereby a 10mm layer of the pulverized material is adhered to walls in a windowless room (heat optional- you'll find that Shungite warms easily to touch); 

·       ROSE QUARTZ "flower petals" to remind you to love yourself, damnit! I hear too many stories of full-grown adults letting this simple directive go unheeded! Why do I say this? It's very difficult for them to keep Rose Quartz on them- through one means or another, it becomes lost! The love in the paradise of Elysian Fields is with you always!

·       RED TIGER IRON bands for that deep grounding reminder- you come from somewhere. You've had some battles in life but the warrior in you got through it all.


ELYSIAN FIELDS is a zen meditation in material form: it physically reminds you that Paradise is yours to take with you always!

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