Star Sirius Celebration
5:00 pm17:00

Star Sirius Celebration

  • Montrose Dog Beach

Join Crystal Master Steven Rosley and the crystal skull Star Sirius at Montrose Dog Beach Sunday evening from 5:00 pm to 8:00pm for a unique and powerful meditation celebration! Bring your dog companions, human friends, drums, rattles, shakers, crystals, and crystal skulls to activate the honey of the earth.

This celebration is when Star Sirius constellation is closest to the earth for 30 to 60 days. It is also the day Steven became the primary caretaker of Star Sirius Crystal Skull.

:::: Crystal Skull Raffel :::: 
~ Win a free Ascensionite Crystal Skull
Must be present to win

~~~ Experience the Copper Pyramid ~~~
Experience this unique energy portal to connect with
and download the powerful universal flow.

5:30 pm ~ Vibrational Gong Performance
by Master Petra Sliwiak of A Deeper Connection)

6:00pm ~ Healing Water Meditation Ceremony
by Crystal Master Steve Rosley and with Star Sirius

7:30pm ~ Pipe Ceremony Performance
by Master Rodrigo Duque of Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

Spiritual Happy Hour
5:00 pm17:00

Spiritual Happy Hour

  • Rosley's Rocks and Gems

Join us after work in this amazing crystal sanctuary to mix and mingle with other friendly, open minded people who are interested in creating a deeper connection with life. We'll talk about the evolution of consciousness happening in the Aquarian age, and how to integrate all the energy, information, and technological advances presently occurring. We'll practice simple techniques for meditation and experience the awesome vibrational healing energies of the gong. 

As we expand our awareness and raise our levels of consciousness our personal interactions will change as well. We are no longer bound to the limitations of our physical bodies, we're moving into understanding and experiencing Oneness. We'll take on this subject with free, clear communication in a safe and sacred space designed to support us in expansion and growth.

We can all learn from each other so come and listen and/or add your wisdom to the conversation. Take in some crystal energy, come early and get a Goddess Tarot reading under the ever compassionate guidance of Quan Yin. Let's raise our levels of consciousness and understanding together to move forward with a healthy, joy filled life...

Light refreshments will be served. 
Ɲαɱα§ɫé ~ we're looking forward to expanding with you... 

ॐ Birth Natal Chart readings by Iris.
ॐ Tarot card readings by Amy.
ॐ Goddess Tarot readings and private Vibrational Healing sessions will be available by appointment from 12 pm to 5pm ❤
~ For more information or to book a session call Petra, 773/968-4113

Spiritual Happy Hour
5:00 pm17:00

Spiritual Happy Hour

5pm to 6pm, Every Thursdays

Come join us to hang out and chat about different topics of the healing world. Learn more about crystal healing, meditation, and different spiritual methods.

Light refreshments provided

74 - 25
1:00 pm13:00

74 - 25

Come celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rosley's Rocks and Gems and the 74th birthday of the Crystal Master, Steven Rosley! 

On June 4, 2017, Steve Rosley will be ending an era of 25 years of rock collecting by selling the whole works and/or ending store hours. Afterwards, Rosley's Rocks and Gems will be open by appointment only and will provide an array of classes relating to crystals and spiritual healing. With selling the business with all skulls, Rosley will take Quan Yin on the road for lectures and workshops.

We're looking forward to a day of fun and surprises, positive energy and high vibrations. Visit with the crystal skulls or spend some time with Quan Yin. Join us and pick up a few crystals for yourself or as a gift, great deals will be available all day!! Bring your family and friends and learn about the powerful healing energies of all the amazing gems you'll find at the store.

~Vibrational Healing Mini Sessions with Petra Sliwiak

Take a few minutes to completely relax and experience the vibrational healing energies of the gong while lying on our amethyst biomat, surrounded by dozens of crystals. Learn the Breath of Life, a powerful technique which initiates the Self healing process and release any blockages that may be occuring throughout the chakra system.

Special Offers:
20 - 40% off on selected items

- must be present to win

Light refreshments will be served