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From times of pre-history through the present, mankind has been intuitively aware of the healing and protective properties of its mineral brothers and sisters. Common uses for varied stones have arisen time and time again in disparate cultures and ethnic communities separated by time geography and religious perspective. We are caretakers of a large array of stones which can be used to heal everything from the heart to the spirit.

Our inventory includes crystals, energy tools, spheres and globes, necklaces, rings, and pendants. We also offer healing meditations, and energy work in our Healing Loft.

This interesting work or these pieces we carry may serve as either an introduction to the affinity between your energy field and those of the stones, or as an expansion or deepening along the path along which you are already aware you travel.

In this Web Site you may view many of our crystals, gem stones and energy tools in full color. If you come into our store where you may find a centered peace in our energized and cleared space, but this site is the next best thing to being there.

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Number Key: The numbers in brackets relate to the corresponding chakra for that stone.