If you've ever been into our store, you know that part of the "Welcoming Drill" is we hand you a copy of our inventory, AKA a "Healing Chart."

We say "inventory" first because metaphysically, this sheet is meant as a Guide, NOT as Cliff Notes.

What do we mean by this? Frequently, we get first-timers who will ask "I'm unlucky in love, what stone do I need to attract a mate?" or "what stone will give me money?"

Truthfully, what we WANT to say in response is: "I'm sorry, this isn't a Voodoo Love Potion Shop."

Instead, we encourage customers not to over-think it; your gut is more in tune with your needs than your brain. That is to say: your soul already knows which stones it wants-- your eyes will tell you this. If a specimen jumps out at you, there's a reason for that.

In essence, the Healing Chart is meant for reading up on that stone you feel viscerally attracted to. Just because we tell you that say, Dioptase is good for attracting money, does not necessarily mean this stone has the same effect on every person; no healing stone is a universal panacea in and of itself.

Think about it this way: some people will say "oh I only date Leos" because maybe they had a few good relationships with them back in the day. Well, hopefully you're no longer in the same space as back then. It's a better idea to date, find out your potential partner's sign and THEN read up on how you're going to make it work, instead of prematurely discriminating against other signs just because of an experience you had way back when.

TIP- When all else fails, remember the following saying: "you don't choose the crystals, the crystals choose you."


Steven RosleyComment